Aquabot Ultramax

Aquabot Ultramax commercial robotic pool cleaner. Suitable for cleaning pools up to 50m long.

Aquabot Ultramax 

The Aquabot UltraMax  is our top of the range commercial robotic pool cleaner.  This machine  is suitable for cleaning commercial pools up to 50m long, it comes with a caddy and wireless remote control so the machine can be steered  for pin point cleaning if required.

The Aquabot Ultramax is equipped with the  Aquasmart Gyro system onboard which allows the pool robot to workout and calculate the optimum route to enable the machine to cover the whole pool in minimum time.

This machine will work on commercial pools of all shapes and surfaces and has cleaning cycles of 3, 4 and 6 hours.  A useful feature of this machine is the delay timer, which can be set once the machine is put into the pool on an evening.  This then allows all the debris in the pool to sink to the bottom before the machine starts its cycle.





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