Aquabot Magnum

Aquabot Magnum commercial robotic pool cleaner. Suitable for cleaning pools up to 30m long.

Aquabot Magnum 

The Aquabot Magnum is the perfect automatic pool cleaner for medium sized commercial or public swimming pools. It is designed to be used in swimming facilities at schools, leisure centres, universities, hospitals, and the hotel/motel industry. This unit is fully automatic and completely self contained. The Magnum requires no special hook-up or hoses.


The Aquabot Magnum commercial pool cleaner will clean pools up to 30 metres, cleaning the floor, walls and waterline. The advanced gyroscope control ensures total coverage of the pool surface. You can choose to operate the cleaner in one of it’s three different programs: 3 hour / 4 hour / 5 hour (floor only).

The cleaner also comes with remote control, 30 meters of cable and a caddy.

It has 3 high quality DC brushless motors and a filtering capacity of 22 cubic metres per hour.


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