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Swimming Pool Cleaner Hire

We started offering commercial pool cleaner hire following feedback from commercial pool operators. We often received phone calls from commercial pool managers enquiring about cost and availability of a new pool cleaner, only to be told that there was no budget that year for the outright purchase of a pool cleaner. We also often heard about the pool operator's problems with their previous pool cleaners. In a lot of cases the pool cleaner spent more time being repaired than it did cleaning the pool. Pool operators were receiving complaints from their customers about the cleanliness of the pool and also being left with large repair bills that they had no budget for. We were regularly asked if we hired machines on a short term basis to clean a pool where their pool cleaner had failed and was off site being repaired. Following several phonecalls such as these we started offering short term hire of our Aquabot commercial pool cleaners.

Leading on from short term hire and bearing in mind the problems we were hearing about from pool operators on a regular basis, we introduced our long term hire option to ensure that our customer's pool cleanliness is always paramount.

Our long term pool cleaner hire allows the customer to budget for their pool cleaner costs with set monthly payments that includes all maintenance, repair and consumable parts. There is no initial outlay to purchase the machine, just a set monthly fee which ensures there will always be a fully functioning pool cleaner on site.

We hire commercial robotic swimming pool cleaners on a 2 year hire contract. We charge a fixed monthly amount which enables commercial pool operators to have a top of the range pool cleaner without a large financial outlay.

What's Included In The Price ?

A brand new Aquabot commercial robotic pool cleaner, all consumables e.g. filter bags, drive tracks and brushes. All parts and labour for any repairs that may be required within the 2 year hire period. In the unlikely event of a problem with the machine, we collect the machine for repair within 2 working days and leave a temporary replacement machine onsite whilst the hire machine is being repaired. Once repaired, the hire machine will be returned with parts, labour and carriage all covered by ourselves.

No More Big Repair Bills

With our long term pool cleaner hire you have the piece of mind of knowing that you will never be without a working pool robot for more than 2 working days and you will also know exactly how much your pool cleaner will cost each month with no big unexpected repair bills.

Demonstration Pool Cleaners Available

We have machines available for demonstration in your pool if required, please contact us to arrange.

Please contact us if you require any further information or guidance on choosing a suitable robotic pool cleaner.