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Commercial Pool Cleaners

With our range of commercial pool cleaners you will find a machine suitable for most shape and sized commercial pools. The Aquabot commercial robotic pool cleaners are specifically designed for commercial use so have to be a bit more robust than a residential robotic pool cleaner.

Many commercial swimming pool operators now choose to long term hire a robotic pool cleaner as this enables them to have the use of a top quality machine without the large financial outlay. With swimming pool cleaner rental, all parts and labour are covered so you always know how much your pool cleaner will cost each month. To find out more about
swimming pool cleaner rental/hire, please follow the link.

Aquabot Magnum Junior

Aquabot Magnum Junior commercial robotic swimming pool cleaner suitable for pools up to 25 metres long.

Aquabot Magnum

Aquabot Magnum commercial robotic pool cleaner is suitable for cleaning pools up to 30 metres long.

Aquabot Ultramax Junior

The Aquabot Ultramax Junior is equiped with two pumps and two motors and is designed to clean commercial pools up to 50 metres in length.

Aquabot Ultramax

Aquabot Ultramax is the largest machine in the range. This commercial pool cleaning robot has two pumps and two motors and will clean pools up to 50 metres in length.