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Aquabot Viva We are very pleased to introduce the most up-to-date technology in automatic pool cleaners.

The Aquabot Viva comes with 6 programmable buttons on its power supply, that allow you to program the length and width of your pool, the shape of your pool, when you would like the unit to run its cycle and how long it runs it cycle. The Aquabot Viva is the only Aquabot that allows you to make it a constant wall climber or floor only pool cleaner.The Aqua Smart System is an intelligent program for robotic pool cleaners that aids the cleaner to fully cover and efficiently clean any standard residential swimming pool in approximately ONE HOUR.

The Aquabot Viva can be made to do less or more wall climbing simply by pushing a button on the power supply. The new bottom lid of the Aquabot Viva prevents debris from falling back into the pool when you remove the cleaner from the pool even when it’s too full. The Aquabot Viva instantly turns out of irregular shaped corners without getting stuck. The Viva power supply weighs less than 2 lbs. and is completely weatherproof. The cable assembly comes with a detangler and very rarely gets twisted. Additionally the Aquabot Viva is the only unit on the market that comes with a removable propeller which enables the quick removal of hair and leaves.

Select Aquabot robots like the Viva, are equipped with the Aqua Smart System, enabling it to change direction on the pool's bottom without any additional mechanical devices (pistons, motors, etc.).

In addition, a very smart mathematical algorithm installed in the brain of the machine enables the robot to cover the pool bottom and walls in a systematized fashion, and without wasting time. Extensive research, testing, and customer feedback supports our claim: we can clean any standard residential swimming pool, regardless of shape, in approximately ONE HOUR.The Aqua Smart technology yields many advantages including:

Rapid Cleaning
Saved Energy — only pennies a day to operate
Extended Life of the mechanical parts and extended warranty

Viva now comes standard with Aquacontrol Technology.
The HMI (Human Machine Interface) lets you be in control of certain features of the robot.

The Aquacontrol is a unique control panel which allows you to communicate directly to the pool robot and customize it. This human machine interface gives you the option to program different parameters so that the pool can always be cleaned as efficiently as possible. Be sure to select each feature to the best of your knowledge in order to get the maximum lifetime out of the pool robot. If you prefer not to select any features, the pool robot will work in default mode and choose the parameters for you.