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Aquabot Bravo

Kaltech are the UK agents for Aquabot robotic pool cleaners. We sell Aquabot robotic pool cleaners and spare parts. We also have a fully equipped workshop for carrying out warranty and non warranty repairs on automatic pool cleaners.

Aquatron who manufacture Aquabot robotic pool cleaners are one of the largest manufacturers of robotic pool cleaners in the world and they produce a large range of robotic/automatic pool cleaners for many different shape and size swimming pools.

Kaltech are a small family run company that have been trading since 1999 and have been UK Aquabot agents since 2005.

Our range of robotic pool cleaners can be purchased from any of our distributors throughout Europe. We are currently constructing the distributors page so please contact us for details.


Robotic Pool Cleaners

why buy an Aquabot pool cleaner?

Aquabot Viva

In the last few years there has been many more robotic pool cleaners and automatic pool cleaners come on to the market. For some of the manufacturers of these machines it is the first time they have produced an automatic pool cleaner so they are still having teething problems. Aquatron have been manufacturing the Aquabot machines for over 25 years now so they have had plenty of time to get things right and make sure the pool cleaner can cover the whole pool in minimum time whilst collecting all the dirt and debris.

As we carry out repairs on other makes of automatic pool cleaners as well as Aquabots, we often find that we are unable to repair machines as it is not possible to obtain parts or the price of the parts make the repair uneconomical. We usually hold most Aquabot parts in stock for any machine that we have ever sold. We also have stock of many parts for much older machines if ever required.

If you ever have a problem with an Aquabot automatic pool cleaner you can return the machine to us for repair. We carry out all our repairs in our own workshop so the machine does not have to be sent back to the factory.

When purchasing a robotic/automatic pool cleaner it is worth considering how available spares will be for the machine as they all use consumable parts that wear out at some point. We hold a large selection of robotic pool cleaner spare parts.

Pool Heating

Commercial pool cleaners

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot commercial robotic pool cleaners are specifically manufactured for a commercial environment. Commercial pool cleaners have much heavier use than a domestic pool cleaner so the machine must be designed and manufactured from the correct materials to be able to stand up to the job. We still have commercial pool cleaners in use that we sold when we first started distributing the Aquabot brand nearly 10 years ago.

Pool Cleaner Hire

service and repairs

Pool Blaster

As well as being responsible for the sales of Aquabot pool cleaners here in the UK, we also can repair Aquabot pool cleaners or most other swimming pool robotic pool cleaners. We regularly repair dolphin pool cleaners, Tiger Shark pool cleaners, Pool Blasters and other models manufactured under the Aquatron badge.

Pool Blaster

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Services Overview

Kaltech specialise in swimming pool cleaning. UK agents for Aquabot robotic pool cleaners and Pool Blaster hand held pool vacuum. We offer repair service, spare parts and sales of pool cleaning related products.

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